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Ljova's happy little solution...

An intro to happiness...?

Carousel-ing The Brass Ring - Ljova - Darren Morales - dMo

Waking proved a rougher morning for every and no particular reason, and then I choose listen to some news podcasts of what is going on in the world. I go through periods of keeping hyper aware of world news events and then a spell of silence from it all. Sometimes it's not easy for me to constantly hear negative story after negative story if that is what the news I'm putting on is sharing. Privileged first world problem, yea?....OH YEA!

I then switch to stories that inspire or teach me something and move away from news for a time. Although we currently reside in an exciting & punishing time with a fantastic, abusive or simply intimidating abundance of views and opinions from the entire World's voices and multiplicity of media forms. Information and knowledge can transform to power and growth, but the vast majority of what we see and hear are statements isolating problems or stating falsehood to stir controversy for entertainment and propaganda purposes. It is an easy thing to join a rabble, increase the its volume of noise and spread negativity and discontent, but if one were to come to the table with a solution, true desire to solve the problem and the availability for open-minded conversation we have potential for a shared greatness in co-existing! Bring information, solutions and beauty to the table...I find inspiration in this later form of co-existing. I love to hear about these things, and how the came about evolving to a solution, So I will now contribute something to the smiling sides...

In the midst of all the world has to offer and problems piling, I would like to share a moment experienced this past June at the Pier 62 Carousel in Chelsea, Manhattan right on the Hudson River. The result of someone noticing that this carousel has no calliope or music of its own, and rather than complaining he did something to bring a unique moment of beauty as solution, and invited others to join.

Carousel-ing The Brass Ring - Ljova - Darren Morales - dMo

If you don't know who Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin is, give him a quick web search and a moment with your ears.

At the risk of making this sound like some bad daily article, (perhaps too late for that) I feel I should share at a quick glance of whom I am speaking, but know that I'm sure these titles limit his true capability, and suggest you check him and his works out to get the full story. He is a composer, violist (viola-ist, not a misspelling), music arranger and performer. I've had the pleasure of listening and experiencing many his performances in NYC for the past decade. I find his works very inspiring and moving, and I've used the inspiration in my own visual art creations and shared them in moments of art classes I've taught. I am always excited to see and hear what he is doing next.

He wrote a suite, The Brass Ring, and performed it with 3 horn players for the Make Music New York Festival 2016, carousel riders and the carousel itself in my opinion. In speaking about realizing the carousel had no music, Ljova stated, "[it} inspired me to create a live music experience for carousel. Rather than putting musicians in the bell of the carousel, we're putting three musicians around the outer edges to create a rotating surround sound experience. I'm really curious to see how this will turn out."

Carousel-ing The Brass Ring - Ljova - Darren Morales - dMo

Even with competing noises of the city and an outdoor movie just down the waterfront, we had the opportunity to experience a unique moment in NYC time and place by someone bringing attention and beauty to the table. The families that rode around rode and sat around the carousel performance were all beaming! Granted it's not THE solution to big problems, but it is certainly the attitude and action of how problems should be approached!

Here's a gaggle of images I snapped of the occasion if you choose to scroll through them, and click it to enlarge and scroll:

Ljova Info:

Ljova's "The Brass Ring" - a live musical experience for the Pier 62 Carousel

part of Make Music NY


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