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About darren (dMo):

Forged in the volcanic Mountain of Humphries: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, I was raised in a life of motion being raised in several cities of the North American Southwest as my family moved from town to town.  


I now currently reside in the City of Angels, LA, having just left a fantastic dozen years in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.  Los Angeles is now the home base from which to leap out on every adventure and project that challenges me to Explore, Express and Redefine our world.  

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Texas, Austin, with studies abroad in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy all the while touring and performing as a vocalist and lyricist.  I have made studio space and exhibited in New York City, Austin and Marfa, Texas, Italy, Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Auckland, New Zealand, Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona...thus far.


From the initial days of grade schooling I was always finding new ways to Express my imagination, my emotions and ideas and Explore new realms of the world both internally and externally.  Setting out on foot to Explore and discover "new" lands, new colors, new flavors, new questions, new mediums and experiences.  Having a love of learning I've continually found I don't like limiting my creation to one medium, but I've found my greatest passions lie with the camera, charcoals and my voice.  That being said, I love to push my own boundaries in my own work and with hired projects...


While I create my own projects, I am always seeking other projects and assignments to be hired on to…



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